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We have a brilliant range of restaurants 10 to 15 minutes from either house in the villages and surrounding countryside. Also, we have a great selection in the harbour village of Porto Petro, or within the resort of Cala d'Or and the nearby marina. Guests can walk very easily from C'an Bassa Coll to the nearby Campo Restaurant where children are very welcome and you can dine outside on the terrace. From Es Pins, another easy walk reaches Alqueria Blanca where the Italian 'Bacco' Restaurante provides great food in shaded courtyard dining. Before or afterwards, the nearby 'Bar Nou' offers a large selection of drinks in the village square, and 'Sa Placa' serves tapas.

Most restaurants welcome children. Prices are reasonable by British standards. Say around £25.00 per head including wine. There are more expensive restaurants like El Colon, in Porto Colom, but the food here is worth a little more, and the ambience on the terrace or interior is casually elegant and Port Petite in Cala d’Or has good food and great views across the marina. Our house book lists them all. The culinary choice is huge and so is the choice of atmosphere. It is wise to book in high season and we give their telephone numbers. Almost all local restaurants now accept credit cards. Again we try and give this information in our house book.

Dishes we recommend include Trampo Salad, Fresh Fish, Tumbet, Pimientos de Padron. Barbecued Meats. Chicken. Salads. There are many more of course... enjoy.

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